Industries Served

Specific applications include automobile airbags, hypodermic needles, EKG leads, precision metal hose, and military ordnance, to name just a few. Our mills are paired with the most current software and controls available enabling us to keep pace with the rapidly evolving demands of our customers.


RollTech is a manufacturer of precision metal for fourslide, punch press, and progressive stamping applications


We provide metal solutions for automotive trim and engine component applications


RollTech is a manufacturer of precision stainless steel strip for dental posts as well as other dental applications


RollTech provides metal solutions for medical device manufacturers throughout North America. We manufacture stainless steel strip products in a wide range of sizes for surgical instruments as well as other medical device applications.

Spring Manufacturing

We provide stainless steel strip for most spring applications.

Flexible Hose Manufacturing

RollTech provides metal solutions for the flexible metal hose industry. Our precision rolled stainless steel strip is ideal for most flexible hose applications


We manufacture Stainless steel strip for wire and fence applications. We also provide stainless steel coil for other agricultural manufacturing applications.